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50/50 Brewing Company Truckee, CA

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50/ 50 Brewing Company is located in Truckee, California, at this location they have a full serve restaurant and micro brewing facility.


NDI recently added 2 – 10 barrel brewing tanks to the 5 tanks they were running on before.

NDI re-plumbed the chilled water piping to the 5 existing tanks and ran new chilled water supply and chilled water return to the new tanks.

We installed a differential bypass at the end of the loop to maintain a balanced system.

We installed control valves so that they could raise and lower the temperature inside the tank during the brewing process.

We recharged the chiller with an ethanol mixture to provide a complete chemical system.

All piping was installed to meet FDA health regulations for restaurant and food facilities.

All piping was insulated with 1″ fiberglass insulation.

All fiberglass insulation was jacketed with a PVC jacket so that it could be washed down.

NDI performed a full turnkey installation and the new tanks are now brewing Truckee’s finest micro brews this area has to offer.

Please stop by and enjoy a cold one if you get a chance.

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Carson City Digester

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NDI recently completed the 5 year waste water treatment digester reconstruction for Carson City Public Works and the State of Nevada, here is what your tax dollars are doing!

During the process of waste water treatment the liquids go through a digester process where the methane gasses are collected and burned off which is a very highly explosive gas that has to be safely removed throughout the process, these digester tanks are under high temperatures and extreme corrosive conditions which means complete rebuild every 5 years at a cost to the State of Nevada of over $1,000,000.00 per overhaul.

 NDI portion of this project consisted of fabrication and installation of the piping and mechanical system that removes the explosive and highly corrosive gases.

 The Tasks that NDI performed on this job were the following:

Design of the vapor recovery piping system

Provided shop drawings for the state engineers approval

Fabrication of the 6″ stainless steel welded piping

We used acid resistant valves

Installed 3 flame arrestors used to eliminate the possibility of explosion due to heat, pressure, and highly flammable gases

Installation of a sediment trap to trap free particles in the system

Piping of the 6″ stainless steel piping back to the boilers that burn off the vapors

Stainless steel pipe stands

2″ stainless steel drain back to containment tanks


Engineered stamped calculations for seismic bracing and loads

Crane service to get equipment to the top of the digester

All work and materials had to be explosion proof and safety conditions were a huge part of this project

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image17 image16 image15 image14

I would like to give a special thanks to K-2 engineering for their part in assisting with the seismic calculations on this project!

Reno Green Landscaping And Maintenance

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Reno Green Landscaping and Maintenance

New Office and Warehouse


New Construction Design Build from Concept to Completion

NDI Plumbing Does It All



Concrete Slab on Grade

Concrete Tilt Up Construction

Metal Frame

Commercial Restrooms

Break Room

Work Room Complete with Large Capacity Ice Maker

Dual Drinking Fountains

Chemical Storage Area

NDI Provided both Plumbing and HVAC for this Building



Stick frame construction

Upscale commercial finishes

Employee Restrooms

Break Room

Business Offices

NDI Provided both Plumbing and HVAC for this Building


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Sakaka Sushi

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SocialRangerSakanaRest07 SocialRangerSakanaRest06 SocialRangerSakanaRest04 SocialRangerSakanaRest05

How to Prevent a Clog

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untitledOne of the most common plumbing problems for Reno/Sparks area homeowners is the dreaded clogged drain.

To help you avoid the annoyance and inconvenience of a clogged drain, NDI Plumbing Inc.  compiled some tips on how to both prevent and clear a clog.

How to Prevent a Clog

Toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and bathtubs and showers are the most common places for a clogged drain. Use the following tips to prevent these occurrences.

  • Do not put grease or oil down your kitchen drain. Grease, fat, and other oils can adhere to your pipes. Other debris then sticks to the grease and creates a stubborn kitchen drain clog. Instead, throw grease, fat and oils in the garbage in a sealed container.
  • Install strainers on all drains. Hair commonly causes drain clogs, especially in showers and bathtubs. You can easily prevent these clogs by installing a screen or strainer on your drains and remembering to clean them regularly.
  • Pay attention to what goes down your drain. Things that solidify, such as paint, glue, and wax should never be put down your drain. These items will harden inside of your pipes, causing either a partial or whole blockage.
  • Remember: your toilet is NOT a wastebasket. The only thing that should ever be flushed down your toilet (besides the obvious) is toilet paper. Facial tissues, sanitary products, cotton balls, and diapers are not made to properly dissolve in water and will cause a clog if flushed down your toilet.
  • When using the disposal, run cold water. Run cold water at least fifteen seconds after you turn your disposal off. This will clear the pipes of any remaining debris and help prevent clogs.

    Remember if you have a clogged drain, call the experts at NDI Plumbing today and set up an appointment 775-745-8791!

    Mention this tip and you will receive the 1st Hour of Service for only $59.95!!


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Knowing the basics of your home plumbing system can minimize any potential damage and/or unnecessary cleanup if an emergency occurs.

  1. Make sure everyone in your home knows where the main shut off valve is located. If you should experience a leak, your first action should be to shut off the main water.
  2. Know the location of the sewer cleanout. When the sewer starts to back up into your home, opening the main sewer cleanout will stop the sewage from continuing to flow into the home.
  3. If steam or boiling water ever comes out of the relief valve at the top of your water heater or one of your faucets – safely turn off the power to the heater immediately. Let some faucets run on the hot side until cold water runs through them. This will let you know that the water in the heater tank is no longer over heated.
  4. Garbage disposals are designed for scraps of food only & should not be used in place of a garbage can. To clean or deodorize your garbage disposal, periodically run it with ice cubes and a small amount of lemon peels. This should clear any debris from the blades and remove any foul odors from the unit.
  5. Even though some items say they are “flushable,” they should not be flushed down the toilet. Baby wipes, paper towels, packaging for feminine hygiene products and kitty litter are just a few examples of so-called flushable items. Disposing of these items in a waste basket can save you money by avoiding unnecessary repairs.

At NDI Plumbing Inc., we have plumbers available 24 hours a day for life’s unexpected emergencies. The next time our plumber visits your home for a plumbing repair, he will be glad to assist you in locating your shut off valves or cleanouts if you are unable to find them.

Call us at (775) 745-8791 to schedule an appointment.



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Good afternoon everyone with the severe cold temperatures starting tonight and at least lasting for 2 weeks, NDI Plumbing Inc. would like to offer some of our best cold weather tips to help you and your home plumbing stay warm through these harsh winter temperatures.

NDI Plumbing Inc.’s Best Cold Weather Tips

1) Make sure all your outside hoses are disconnected from the hose bibb.

2) Make sure your sprinklers are winterized and all shut off valves are 1/2 way open to allow any water to escape.

3) Wrap any exposed pipes. If you are on a well make sure your well house is heated.

4) Make sure all your vents around your home are closed.

5) Make sure to put an insulated cover over your backflow device.      

6) Make sure your furnace has been serviced. NDI Plumbing Inc. is running a special for furnace service for $59.95!!

Call NDI Plumbing Inc. 775-745-8791

 to do a full winterization or to help make sure it’s done correctly.        

Just case of an emergency with frozen pipes NDI Plumbing Inc has a pipe thaw machine and will be available 24 hours on call.





Plumbing Emergency??

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How to Hire a Plumber for Emergency Repairs

When a pipe bursts or some other piece of plumbing malfunctions, our first instinct is to get the problem under control as soon as possible. The longer such an issue goes on, the harder it will be to repair. Not only will the issue be harder to fix, if left unaddressed, the problem could result in hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage and water usage fees. Because time is of the essence during a plumbing emergency, we feel pressured to make a repair decision as soon as possible, without giving ourselves time to weigh our options completely.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Relax.

The truth is you really do have time to make an informed decision about the best way to handle your plumbing problem. There are some simple, but effective preventive measures that you can take to safeguard yourself and your home against damage and loss. Knowing what to do and what to look for are key to getting the kind of service you’d expect from a plumbing professional.

The first and possibly most important step that you can take to minimize damage is to turn off the water supply at the source of the problem. If your problem is a busted pipe spewing water, you can turn off the water supply to the house by using the shut off valve provided by your water department. This valve is usually located somewhere in your yard, under a rectangular shaped lid that also contains your water meter. You will need a wrench to do this. If you have a more localized problem, such as a toilet or water heater that is leaking, you can turn off the water supply to these separately. A toilet shut off valve is usually an oval shaped handle, located near the base of the toilet. A water heater’s shut off valve is located next to the water pipes.

After you’ve shut off water to the problem, locating a reputable plumber is the next step. You might want to make a quick call to a few friends or family members to see if they can recommend anyone to you. An online search with review sites like Customer Lobby and other local directories can help turn up more prospects. Ideally, you want to find a plumber with plenty of positive reviews. Remember that in most states, plumbers are required to serve an apprenticeship prior to getting their own license, so years of experience might be harder to ascertain based on years licensed alone. Ads you find may advertise certain specialties which will help you narrow the field. Once you have a few names, give them a call and get quotes on the repair in question. It’s a good idea to inquire about warranties on their work as well as satisfaction guarantees.

Be aware that most plumbers charge a hefty fee for working after hours and on holidays. Some charge mileage and other fees on top of their hourly fee. Inquiring about all this beforehand can help avoid expensive surprises when the bill comes.

Of course, in an ideal world, you’ll already have the names of a few trusted repair professionals that you can call on before an emergency happens. A little foresight can go a long way in these matters. After all, it’s your house and you don’t want to trust it to just anyone – especially when botched repairs can cost a lot of money and cause a lot of heartache down the road.

If you need an plumber in a plumbing emergency please call NDI Plumbing Inc. 775-745-8791! We have techs available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Got a clogged drain??

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cloggeddrainMany people try to fix their drain problem on their own, and usually make a big mess in the process. This can be dangerous and costly and homeowners can end up paying out more money than they have. Since some plumbing accessories are made of plastic and acids, commercial cleaners could cause severe damage to indoor plumbing. When this happens, repair charges could reach an estimate $1,000 or more. To avoid paying unnecessary fees contact NDI Plumbing  today and let them fix your plumbing problem. They are experienced in every area of plumbing and they will not leave a job undone.

They have qualified professional plumbers that know how to get the job done in the least amount of time. Unlike other companies that only talk about getting the job done,  NDI Plumbing actually gets the job done. They do not waste time with playing phone tag. When they receive a distressing phone call from a customer, they do not waste time with trivia questions, they are prompt in their arrival and they come ready to work. Whether it is a clogged drain in the sink or in the bathroom, they provide their customers with professional and courteous service.

No job is too large or too small. Customers never have to worry about paying too much. NDI Plumbing  will let their customers know upfront what kind of work needs to be done, and how much they are required to pay. Other companies hire staff that are not certified or qualified to handle most drain cleaning jobs, and plus they charge their customers a hefty fee.

Do not let the “drains” get you down, contact NDI Plumbing for your estimate now. They are reliable and dependable and they will respond to your call immediately. It does not matter what kind of pipes the plumbing job calls for, NDI Plumbing has you covered.

Tips for Effectively Drain Cleaning:  There are a number of reasons why it is so important to perform regular drain cleaning. For one, the sink or bathtub can begin emitting an odor that is unpleasant to be around. Another thing is the risk of drain gnats manifesting in the sink or bathtub and breeding. The water can also become impossible to empty due to buildup. Trying out different methods and preventing buildup all together will help keep the drains free and clean.

 Drain Cleaning: Preventing buildup the easiest way to keep drains from building up with gunk is by simply keeping them clean. It is recommended to run scalding hot water down the drains every couple of days. This will help keep the pipes clean and prevent anything from clogging the pipes up. If the fixture is becoming partially clogged, it is best to take care of it immediately before it gets worse. There are also products that can be purchased to rinse down the pipes and ensure it smells fresh and stays clean all the time.

Homemade Remedies For Drain Cleaning:  When a drain is clogged, it is a good idea to look at the different remedies that can be made at home. Many of the ingredients used for clearing drain clogs can be found at home and only take a couple of minutes to do. One of the oldest and most effective methods for removing drain clogs is by pouring a tablespoon of baking soda down the sink or bathtub, followed by ¼ cup of lemon juice or vinegar. Letting this sit for 30 minutes and proceeding by running hot water will help eliminate bad odors and keep buildups out of the pipes. It is recommended to do this process weekly in order to keep the drain clean. A strong salt water solution can also be very effective at keeping grease from building up gunk in the drain and reducing odors.

Looking to the Professionals:  If the above homemade remedies do not do the trick, it is a good idea to call NDI Plumbing. A plumber can quickly eliminate whatever is blocking the drain and have it working flawlessly again. They can even help give tips on how to keep the pipes clean and odor free in the long run. Keeping the drains in the kitchen or the bathroom working great is important, along with eliminating unpleasant odors. Using the above tips for prevention is a fantastic idea, along with trying out the homemade remedies that are available. Most of the mixtures can be made at home very easily and affordably. Call NDI Plumbing for all of your drain cleaning needs! 775-745-8791

Great Summer Lawn Tips

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Lawns are water guzzlers, requiring about an inch of water per week during the growing season to remain green and vibrant. Many arid regions of the nation don’t get anywhere near that much average rainfall and many municipalities have restrictions on how much you can apply.

To conserve water and get the best results for your lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs, remember these tips.

  1. Water in the morning so that the surface of the lawn and garden dries off during the day.
  2. Water deeply and infrequently so the roots of the plants learn to grow down into the soil to get the water they need.
  3. Use a timer, if you’re in a rush in the morning, to automatically shut-off the sprinkler.

Use organic fertilizers and soil amendments such as leaf mulch or compost increase soil’s water-holding capacity, allowing the lawn and garden to stay greener longer. Call NDI Plumbing Inc today 745-8791 for any questions or help with your sprinkler system!!!