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Carson City Digester

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NDI recently completed the 5 year waste water treatment digester reconstruction for Carson City Public Works and the State of Nevada, here is what your tax dollars are doing!

During the process of waste water treatment the liquids go through a digester process where the methane gasses are collected and burned off which is a very highly explosive gas that has to be safely removed throughout the process, these digester tanks are under high temperatures and extreme corrosive conditions which means complete rebuild every 5 years at a cost to the State of Nevada of over $1,000,000.00 per overhaul.

 NDI portion of this project consisted of fabrication and installation of the piping and mechanical system that removes the explosive and highly corrosive gases.

 The Tasks that NDI performed on this job were the following:

Design of the vapor recovery piping system

Provided shop drawings for the state engineers approval

Fabrication of the 6″ stainless steel welded piping

We used acid resistant valves

Installed 3 flame arrestors used to eliminate the possibility of explosion due to heat, pressure, and highly flammable gases

Installation of a sediment trap to trap free particles in the system

Piping of the 6″ stainless steel piping back to the boilers that burn off the vapors

Stainless steel pipe stands

2″ stainless steel drain back to containment tanks


Engineered stamped calculations for seismic bracing and loads

Crane service to get equipment to the top of the digester

All work and materials had to be explosion proof and safety conditions were a huge part of this project

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image17 image16 image15 image14

I would like to give a special thanks to K-2 engineering for their part in assisting with the seismic calculations on this project!

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