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Water heater Tips 3-21-2012

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Water heater replacement is something that NDI Plumbing Inc. specializes in!  If you have a water heater in your home or place of business you know that it is a matter of time until you will need to replace it.  If you have a tank water heater, I wanted to give some tips on what to look for but also what to expect if you have NDI plumbers change-out your water heater.

If your water heater tank is in the basement of your home, business, or garage always check the copper lines going into the tank.  If you see corrosion or water sitting on top of the inlets, this is a sign of a leak!  Also, check the bottom of your water heater monthly (especially if it is old) for rust, corrosion, or dripping water.  This tip is especially important because the bottom of the tank could bust open and leak up 75 gallons of water, depending on the size of your tank.  Not good!  All of these problems would usually lead to your water heater needing to be replaced.

After you call or schedule NDI Plumbing Inc. to replace your water heater, we would get approval from you to do the work.  Then our plumbers would start to drain the water heater so they can remove it.  After most of the water has been drained the plumbers would remove the old water heater and bring in the new one. As an additional feature, before setting the new tank, the plumber will set an aluminum or plastic drain pan in order to keep water from leaking.  After setting the drain pan the new water heater is lifted-up and set into place.  A new water shut-off valve is set on the copper supply lines and everything for the supply lines is welded together.  Water is added to the tank and after it is full, electricity is hooked up or gas.  The plumber would then turn the unit on and set the temperature at your preferred setting.  It takes a couple of hours for water to heat-up to the set temperature.

I hope that these tips have helped you to be able to spot a leak and know what to expect when you have NDI Plumbing Inc. come out and replace your water heater.